Thin Film Fabrication

Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD), 

Ion Assisted PVD, Plasma Assisted PVD, 

Dual Source PVD

Our facility houses multiple large reaction chambers dedicated to research and production.  Each chamber is capable of uniformly applying, co-synthesizing and compounding of n-film materials and multilayer systems.

Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD), and DC Sputtering 

Thick Film Spin Coatings and Thin Film Pigment


Substrate and Film Characterization

Optical Measurement (Spectrometry)

DRLI can provide rapid, high resolution measurements for many shapes and sizes; from small flat samples to large cylindrical, spherical or aspherical substrates.

Standard measurements include reflectance, transmittance, p or s plane polarized transmittance vs. angle, non-normal reflectance, and hemispherical reflectance from diffuse substrates.

Range:  Ultraviolet (UV), Visible, and Infrared (IR);  0.19Ám (190nm) to 50Ám

XPS, Scanning Auger, NMR & ToF SIMS Available.

We can also provide thin film physical thickness with our on-site interferometer, sheet resistance of conductive films and other physical properties.



Materials Analysis




Inverse Synthesis of Optical Constants

Film Growth and Morphology

3D - Diffractive Layer Patterns



Chromaticity Coordinates

Design Optimization

R/T Phase Change Calculation

Tolerance Analysis



Environmental Testing

Thermal and Humidity Testing

On-site 24" Thermal & Humidity Environmental Testing Chamber can provide long heat/humidity cycles per customer specification, E.g. MIL-STD-810C

Large Area UV And Ozone Testing

Adhesion and Abrasion Testing


Substrate Fabrication, Polishing and Cleaning

Capable of grinding and polishing substrates up to 12" in diameter.  We have experience with many substrate materials including fused silica, germanium, and silicon.

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